Shattered-Dreams-Broken-Heart This blog contains NSFW content. If you are under 18 please step away now.
Almost every photograph here came from the internet or has been reblogged
from other tumblr users. If there is something here and you are the said
owner, simply send me the URL and I will remove the post. You will find
my blog to contain mainly lesbian and BDSM type content, often with a
mix of whatever else may catch my eye. I hope you enjoy perusing my blog
as well as the blogs of those I follow. Please feel free to message me with
any questions or comments, I will do my best to reply. ~Smiles~ ♥♀♀♥
The majority of photographs here will be black and white.

I Often Convert tumblr images of people I follow from color to black and white when I spend my time editing to gray-scale (black&white) I will add my icon (watermark) however I will Always, Always! point back to the main source of the image as long as I know it.


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    I beg you.
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    please punish me
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    for those days when I must be silent…
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    I’m sure I will love whatever you decide to do to me
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    You Can Ask To Be Punished, My Naughty Angel. Just Know, That Your Punishment, May Not Be What You Wanted, As Your...
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